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A trademark is a marketing device that visually sets a company or a product to gain market shares. Companies legally register their trademark in National Intellectual Property authorities in order to give justification for legal action by the company which has legal rights to that trademark. It comes in the form of a ™ symbol next to your name, and after the trademark registration completes, you can use the ® symbol.
A trademark is a brand name or a product which identify and distinguish the goods/services of seller from those of others in the market.

Following are few examples:
Combination words which does have dictionary meaning Inherit means
Before you develop a trademark you have to link your product to it because it’s going to be a total reflection of your product for the lifetime.
1) Submit your Name, Address and description of applicant
2) Power of Attorney (Letter of Appointment)
3) A complete list of goods and services under the NICE classification
4) Either 6 hard copies of the mark or an electronic specimen of the mark. Remember, the size shouldn’t be more than 10cm x 10cm. Specimens are real life examples of how you use your mark. If you’re selling products, provide labels, tags, packaging material and containers.
5) If you claimed priority, bring a certified copy of the convention application.
6) Precise derivation of the mark. If the mark is not in English, bring the English translation of the mark..

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